Elevating the Post-Acute and
Long Term Care Profession

Get involved with Your Association!

The Association welcomes and encourages member participation in identifying, evaluating, and recommending action on the various policies, rules, and other forces impacting long-term care.

Committees and other Association groups provide many opportunities for members to become involved and to benefit from the significant access to information and resources available through this participation.

Association committees are open to any interested member.

We invite you to review the following list of committees and consider becoming involved in the areas where you can share your experience. In consideration of members' time, OHCA holds many meetings by conference call, and we often solicit committee members' input via email.

Please email the committee staff member listed below to volunteer or ask questions. Thank you for considering committee service for the Association!

Activity Council
Assists with planning and executing educational programming for activities professionals, including the annual Activities Conference. Discusses survey issues relating to activities. Meets four times around the conference and convention.

Staff Contact: Kathy Chapman - kchapman@ohca.org

Convention Committee
Provides oversight and direction for our annual convention and trade show. Helps determine convention theme, schedule, fees, speakers, and other elements. Meets monthly through April.

Staff Contact: Kathy Chapman - kchapman@ohca.org

Dining & Nutritional Services Council
Assists in planning and executing educational programming for dietary professionals, including the annual Dining & Nutritional Services Conference. Discusses and responds to survey issues relating to dietary services. Meets quarterly.

Staff Contact: Heidi McCoy - hmccoy@ohca.org

Life Safety Code / Emergency Preparedness Committee
Assists members in disaster preparedness through informational and educational resources. Reviews Life Safety Code issues affecting members and recommends strategies for advocating for their interests. Meets monthly.

Staff Contact: Mandy Smith - msmith@ohca.org

Regulatory Committee
Examine the latest survey/certification and other regulatory issues, review new government proposals, consider quality-related initiatives, and guide the association's regulatory advocacy. Assists in providing information and education to members on key regulatory and quality topics. Meets monthly.

Staff Contact: Mandy Smith - msmith@ohca.org

Reimbursement Committee
Assists in identifying Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement issues affecting members and developing solutions. Guides information, education, and advocacy on payment matters. Monitors the Medicaid reimbursement formula and recommends changes as appropriate. Meets monthly.

Staff Contact: Peter Van Runkle - pvanrunkle@ohca.org

SNF Billing Committee
Assists in identifying Medicare, Medicaid, and managed care billing issues affecting SNF members and developing solutions. Guides information, education, and advocacy on billing matters. Meets monthly.
         Staff Contact:
Erin Hart - ehart@ohca.org

Workforce Committee

Oversees the association's Human Resources Conference, develops informational materials for members on human resources and workforce-related topics, and reviews current issues affecting long-term care personnel. Helps implement and guide our awards programs honoring long-term care professionals. Meets monthly.

Staff Contact: Erin Hart - ehart@ohca.org

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