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About OHCA

The Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) is proud to represent nearly 1000 nursing facilities, assisted living communities and providers of services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The Association was established in 1946 to meet the needs of the state's growing number of long-term care professionals, which today totals more than 100,000 exceptional men and women who care for Ohio’s most frail and vulnerable citizens. As an information and education resource to Ohio’s long-term care providers, their suppliers, consultants and to the public at large, OHCA performs a necessary and vital service. OHCA works hard to keep our members informed about the laws and regulations governing the profession. In addition, OHCA strives to identify and communicate best practices in order to ensure continued quality improvement in long-term care. OHCA also works on behalf of the general public, educating state legislators, government officials, the media and consumers on the pressing issues surrounding our profession and the advancements we have made in the delivery of care and services.

The Ohio Health Care Association has always been regarded as a leader in long-term care. In 1949, OHCA and a group of nursing facility providers in Indiana joined to form the American Health Care Association (AHCA), which now serves nursing facilities in all 50 states through its state health care associations. AHCA is the recognized, national voice for the long-term care profession and OHCA is pleased to be the only charter affiliate of AHCA. The Ohio Health Care Association is one voice that represents a broad spectrum of long-term care providers.

As the largest long-term care association in the State, OHCA represents small providers, large providers, providers with both individual and group ownership, publicly-traded and government-owned properties, proprietary and philanthropic homes. As diverse as our members are in size and ownership, OHCA nursing facilities, assisted living communities and providers for services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are similar in their quest for quality and for reductions in governmental oversight that continues to stifle individualism and innovation.

OHCA is made up of geographic OHCA Districts of Ohio. Representatives of each of these smaller units represent the area's members on the OHCA Board of Trustees, and hold regular meetings and other functions for the benefit of members.

OHCA is also proud to represent organizations that provide goods and services to long-term care providers through its Associate Membership program. Associate members recognize the value of the information and services OHCA provides, as well as its ability to connect them to Ohio’s largest group of long-term care buyers.

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