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Pioneer Award 2006 - Thomas E. Kriner

Thomas E. Kriner Pioneer awards The OHCA Pioneer Award is designed to recognize Ohioans influential in the development and advancement of long-term care programs, education, professionalism or ideals. The Awards honor the commitment of these individuals to excellence in long-term care services.


For over twenty years, Thomas E. Kriner served the long-term care community, from the late 1960s until his death in 1989. Starting his career as a pharmacist, Kriner served many nursing homes and rest care centers in the Toledo, Ohio area and eventually expanded to become the first institutional care pharmacies in Northwest Ohio. As a pharmacist he recognized the growing needs of long term care providers and eventually began to provide unit dose medication and consulting services. By 1968, his pharmacy had grown in size servicing more than 1000 beds and he soon became intimately involved with the long-term care community.

In 1971, he acquired Villa North Nursing Home and received his license as a Nursing Home Administrator. He later purchased Villa West, which became his legacy to his son Patrick, who operated the facility as Ridgewood Manor. Patrick followed in his father's footsteps, becoming active in the long-term care profession and later serving as Chairman of the Ohio Health Care Association.

Tom was also active in long-term care organizations, and was Chairman of the Northwest Ohio Health Care Association and as Chairman of OHCA District 4 for many years. He served on many OHCA Committees during his tenure, and was involved in the Political Action Committee and was a member of the Board of Trustees.

Kriner always declared his desire to support nursing and pharmacy education as cornerstones of long-term care service. His legacy lives on through the Thomas E. Kriner Scholarship with the Educational Foundation of the Ohio Health Care Association.

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