Elevating the Post-Acute and
Long Term Care Profession

The Ohio Health Care Association
Political Action Program

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The Ohio Health Care Association Political Action Committee (OHCA-PAC) was formed to provide long-term care professionals with a strong voice in the legislative arena. PAC funds are distributed to political candidates as contributions and are allocated based on an individual's record on long-term care issues.

By making contributions through the OHCA-PAC, members acknowledge support for the positions expressed by the Ohio Health Care Association and join with other concerned, active members in presenting a unified voice.

Donations from OHCA's Political Action Committee to candidates who support the Association's goals and the long-term care mission are vital to legislators pursuing reelection or election. OHCA-PAC's contributions indicate support for a legislator's interest and attention.

Today, more than ever before, the OHCA-PAC has become crucial in moving key initiatives forward in the legislature. Why is this? Term limits have created a situation whereby new faces appear every eight years. An active PAC will give our industry access to new legislators who need to learn more about Ohio providers' crucial issues.

Political Action
There are several ways to make your voice heard and ensure representation in the legislative arena, including running for office and speaking personally with your elected officials. But you can't be familiar with every issue; you also have a business to run.

This education on issues is where the OHCA Political Action Committee comes into play. Through OHCA-PAC, you can help elect officials who understand the needs of long-term care professionals and provide OHCA with the access necessary to represent your issues before the legislature.

All contributions to OHCA-PAC are recognized and used to the best advantage. By pooling contributions, OHCA members can achieve a more excellent voice in addressing issues of interest to their profession.

The OHCA Political Action Committee was established as an unincorporated committee of persons employed or active in long-term health care and other individuals with similar interests. The Committee is not affiliated with any political party.

Membership in the Committee is open to all persons employed or active in the long-term care field, making annual contributions to the Committee. The OHCA-PAC is governed by a 20-member Board of Trustees appointed by the Chairman and District Chairmen of the Ohio Health Care Association. Trustees represent geographic areas and political districts in Ohio.

What are my Benefits?
The benefits of participating in the OHCA Political Action Committee include ensuring that your business is adequately represented when the government addresses long-term care issues. Without a consistent, concerted voice, your needs may not be heard. OHCA-PAC helps provide access to a fair hearing of the problems.

Other benefits to you are intangible. Participating in OHCA-PAC allows members to become actively involved in the legislative and political action process. Through a greater understanding of the issues, you can become more comfortable in initiating person-to-person contact with your elected officials, and you can begin to build a satisfying relationship with your District's Senator and Representative.

By making contributions through the OHCA-PAC, members support the positions expressed by the Ohio Health Care Association and help make those positions known to elected leaders in Ohio's Senate and House of Representatives.

Besides the significant return you could receive from your investment, you can rest assured in knowing you are making a difference on critical issues facing long-term care providers today.

All contributions are welcome and appreciated, and all OHCA-PAC contributors are recognized.

Contribution Program
The OHCA Political Action Committee has established a donation goal of $5.00 per bed/unit per member facility and endorsed it by the Ohio Health Care Association Board of Trustees 
to aid the Ohio Health Care Association in its efforts in the legislative arena.

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    No annoying paperwork each month to fill out; it will all be taken care of for you.

(In compliance with state regulations, OHCA-PAC can only accept the above. No corporate checks allowed)

Take pride in being a PAC supporter and get the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference for your industry and your association.

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