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Little Known Fact: The “Nurse Aide” Registry is Not Just for Nurse Aides

Those conducting background checks for Ohio nursing homes are, presumably, well aware that they must check the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry whenever they hire a new STNA. However, OHCA legal counsel Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLP reports that in addition to verifying that the Aide has completed the required training and has a valid license, the Registry also identifies those who have had a finding of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of property against them. The Registry includes STNAs, of course, but also includes unlicensed employees who have findings of abuse/neglect/misappropriation. Individuals with such findings cannot be employed in nursing homes. Due to the serious nature of offenses that are listed, it is a good practice for facilities to check every applicant against the Nurse Aide Registry. Doing so will help avoid hiring employees into other positions that have been banned due to abuse, neglect and misappropriation. Should you have questions please contact Rob Pivonka at Rolf, 216-682-2109.