Elevating the Post-Acute and
Long Term Care Profession

Pioneer Award 2002 - John Coury, Sr.

John Coury, Sr. Pioneer awards The OHCA Pioneer Award is designed to recognize Ohioans influential in the development and advancement of long-term care programs, education, professionalism or ideals. The Awards honor the commitment of these individuals to excellence in long-term care services.


John Coury, Sr. was a man of vision and integrity. His deep and abiding love of people proved to be the catalyst that subsequently resulted in the creation of an empire. Today, that empire is known as Sovereign Healthcare, and it stands as a living memorial to the man who built it. His service principles have been passed on to his family, who guard them with passion and pride, and to the loyal and stalwart employees who have been infused with his work ethic.

John’s innate ability to take stock of what was, and envision what could be, never ceased to amaze those who were closest to him. For John, ambition tempered with love compounded during his early professional years as a builder and developer. The Coury family were pioneers in the creation and development of retirement communities in Ohio. John Coury was politically proactive, and instrumental in nursing home reform. The early retirement communities culminated into the product that is today know as the “continuing care campus.”

John championed quality care for nursing home residents while simultaneously lobbying for fair reimbursement for those services. His tireless efforts and unconditional dedication to the Ohio Health Care Association helped establish the Association as a voice for nursing home professionals.

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