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Pioneer Award 2003 - Harry D. Hennis

Harry D. Hennis Pioneer awards The OHCA Pioneer Award is designed to recognize Ohioans influential in the development and advancement of long-term care programs, education, professionalism or ideals. The Awards honor the commitment of these individuals to excellence in long-term care services.


With a $9,000 G.I. loan, the able assistance of his mother, and a lot of faith, Harry Hennis purchased an eleven-room brick mansion in Dover, Ohio, which became Hennis Nursing Home. In 1984, service was expanded to 103 nursing home beds and 50 assisted living beds. Along with this level of care, an emphasis was placed on first class service and amenities. This service has filled a very important need in the community and has been extremely well received. Harry passed away in 1995, but left a large legacy: his memory, his spirit and his philosophy.

A special man now directs Hennis Care Centre from a new position, one where he can have an even greater influence than he did before, and he will continue to touch hearts in a new way.

While he was here he lived the Bible verse, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap!” He certainly planted many, many seeds . . . the seed of kindness; the seed of fairness, the seed of humor; the seed of selflessness; the seed of family; the seed of faith; the seed of positive outlook; and a great many other seeds. What a master gardener he was, may the seeds he has sown reap special rewards for our community.

Harry always had a congenial smile and a neighborly greeting for everyone. He made it a point to know about his residents and staff and call them by name. Many faces have been brightened over the years because of Harry’s genuine smile, warm greeting and firm handshake from that large hand of Harry’s. He is missed daily.

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