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CDC Materials

CDC Guidelines Relevant to Long-Term Services & Supports

OHCA Materials

OHCA/LAO 1135 Waiver Application March 30, 2020

OHCA Keeping Safe at Home Guidance March 27, 2020

Online Continuing Education Options March 27, 2020

Provider's Response Paradigm

Essential Worker Designation Letter March 21, 2020
(download as Word file)

New Free Service for OHCA Members: Legal Questions Answered

COVID-19 Employment Issues Webinar March 17, 2020

OHCA/LAO Letter to Governor on HCBS Issues March 17, 2020

OHCA/LAO Letter to Governor DeWine March 16, 2020

OHCA Letter to DODD March 13, 2020

Nursing Delegation in Long-Term Care

ODH/Other State Agency Materials

Guidance for Discontinuing Transmission-Based Precautions April 6, 2020

ODH PPE Optimization Guidance (Universal Masking) April 1, 2020

ODH PPE Contingency Planning Chart April 1, 2020

ODH PPE Instructions & Videos List April 1, 2020

ODH N95 Use Guidelines April 1, 2020

ODH Facemask Re-Use Instructions April 1, 2020

Updated Testing Guidance April 1, 2020

ODH Ventilator Inventory Order March 31, 2020

ODH Assessment Tools and Guidance March 26, 2020

ODH Line List for COVID-19 Outbreaks March 26, 2020

Director of Health Stay-at-Home Order Updated April 3, 2020

Board of Nursing Statement

ODH Letter to SNFs March 21, 2020

UC Hospital Patient Transfer Guidelines

ODH Employee Screening Guidelines March 19, 2020

ODJFS Pandemic Child Care Center Emergency Rule March 18, 2020

Emergency Rule Appendix - Staffing Ratios

Pandemic Child Care Center License Application

ODH Letter on Hospice in SNFs March 16, 2020

DODD COVID-19 Screening Tool

DeWine/Husted Letter to President March 13, 2020

Director of Health Amended Order for SNF, AL, and ICF/IID Visitation March 13, 2020

ODH Letter to Long-Term Care Facilities March 12, 2020

Director of Health Order Prohibiting Mass Gatherings March 12, 2020

ODH Letter on Conserving PPE March 12, 2020

AHCA Materials

COVID-19 Skilled Services at a Glance & FAQ April 5, 2020

Cohorting Guide
(updated April 4, 2020)

Reed Smith Memo on Paycheck Protection Eligibility

AHCA Patient Transfer Guidelines
(updated March 30)

Reed Smith Memo on Paid Leave Provisions in HR 6201 March 19, 2020

Communal Dining Guidance March 15, 2020

AHCA Three-Day Stay Waiver Notes

NCAL Guidance for Assisted Living

AHCA Medicare Accelerated and Advance Payment FAQs

CMS Materials

CMS Survey Guidance

CMS Guidance for ICFs

CMS Guidance for SNFs
(updated March 13)

CMS Guidance for Home Health Agencies

CMS Guidance for Hospices

CMS Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment

OHCA COVID-19 Updates