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A Time of Transition

Product #DVD1000

This 12-minute DVD is designed for nursing homes who wish to help their family members better understand the realities of nursing home life. It is an excellent risk management tool that is intended to be a first step in an on-going process of communication with family members and responsible parties. Using a genuine, documentary-style approach, families hear the convincing words of other family members, residents, caregivers and physicians as they discuss the often-difficult topics of resident adjustment, family guilt, physical decline and aging. When used correctly, this video will help your facility portray a realistic and positive portrait of life in a nursing home. Visit to preview clips from this video.

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A Way of Life 

Developing an Exemplary Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Program

Product #1001SG

This book takes the mystery out of translating concepts of dementia care into practice.  Based on the 20-year experience of the Alois Alzheimer Center, one of the nation's premier Alzheimer facilities, the book describes the how-to of developing cutting edge dementia care so that it is a win-win for facilities, staff, residents and their families.  The book explicates the critical ingredients of dementia care units and how to make them a reality.  More than a guidebook, the book helps the reader to engage the critical thinking process necessary to develop or to retool dementia care units to their own situations. 

Cincinnati Book Publishers, 2006, pb, 127 pages. Susan D. Gilster, Ph.D.

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Changing Culture, Changing Care

S.E.R.V.I.C.E. FIRST – Leadership in the Health Care Business

Product #1000SG

This book describes how to change the culture of a long term care facility, and at the same time refine your leadership skills.  The goal of this book is to make long term care more compassionate, effective, and successful through the leadership of the administrator.  S.E.R.V.I.C.E. refers to service, education, respect, vision, inclusion, communication and enrichment - each with its own chapter and examples.

Susan D. Gilster, Ph.D.

$24.95 Member

$33.95 Non-member


Deficiency Free Buttons

Product #DF1000

Celebrate this achievement!  Recognize your staff for their efforts and make sure your residents, their families and other visitors know you are deficiency free with these colorful 2 ¼” buttons. 

Buttons read “We’re Deficiency Free! An OHCA/OCAL/OCDD Member Facility" and provide a perfect way to let the public and others know you are proud of your facility and employees. With a washable surface and safety-pin attachment, the buttons may be worn at work or to generate interest in the community. Priced at just $25 per 50 buttons, you will want to order enough for everyone in your facility! Don’t forget to include your administrative, direct care, environmental services, nutritional services and clerical staff, as well as physicians and other visiting medical specialists and consultants.

$25.00 (Pack of 50 buttons) Member/Non-member




Delegate or Suffocate

Product #1000PT

Delegate or Suffocate explores the joys, questions, challenges and adventures of management. Even though there are many technical examples included in this book on how to approach personnel leadership; there are also many humorous, practical and personal examples of life that are applicable to any style of management and situation a leader may encounter.  The author tells you from personal experience that ‘leaders make or break an organization’ and without good leadership ‘chaos’ reigns. Leadership is leadership and great leaders never stop learning and they do not close their ears to other leaders just because they are not in their field of business.  This book is different in the fact that the author teaches from the perspective of a registered nurse and in the style of a mentor. Since most nursing schools do not teach personnel administration, this author had to learn leadership through the ‘school of hard knocks’. She speaks in a practical and understandable language making this book an easy read. Her goal is to encourage current leaders and new leaders to take the tools she offers and have the courage to step out and believe they can make a difference in their surroundings.


Margaret E. (Peg) Tobin, RN – Peg Tobin is a respected and accomplished Business Woman.  She is a Registered Nurse and the President/Owner of Tobin & Associates a national executive healthcare recruitment and consulting firm. Tobin & Associates is an associate member of Ohio Health Care Associate and their corporate headquarter is located in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

Peg’s unique humor, teaching experiences and successful nursing career have made her a sought after speaker at local and national health care conventions. She has several articles that have been published in Health Care Trade Magazines; however, this is her first published novel.

Authored by Peg Tobin, Illustrated by Darrell Donalds, 2012, 142 Pages

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$12.50 Non-member


Diet Manual

Product #M1020BD

Use this best-seller as a quick reference to interpret diets, write menus, meet federal regulations, and define physician diet orders. Easy to use tools, charts and guidelines! A comprehensive, thorough resource! Great for sub-acute, transitional care, SNF, or acute care. Includes dietary guidelines, MyPyramid, regular diet and alterations, vegetarian diets, consistency alterations, diabetic and calorie specific diets, sodium restrictions, heart healthy diet, GI diets, hydration, pressure ulcers, renal diets, finger foods, high calorie, high protein, enteral feedings, weights and BMI, and calculation of nutritional needs. Also includes HIV/AIDS, liver disease, TPN/PPN, carbohydrate counting, gluten free diets, Kosher diets, PKU, 2 gram sodium, palliative care, pediatric/adolescent growth and BMI charts, obesity management/bariatric surgery, C-diff, NPUAP revised staging system, cardiac care diet, supplementation (omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, etc.) and more. Approx. 400 pages.

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$83.95 Non-member


Dietary Disaster Plan

Product #M1030BD

Analyze potential hazards and determine needs for any type of emergency or disaster that may cut off your water, gas, electricity and supplies.  Includes:

  • recommendations from actual disaster survivors
  • emergency menus and recipes
  • buying guides
  • training outlines
  • policies/procedures
  • information for before, during and after a disaster
  • special diet extensions for 3 days without utilities and 7 days with utilities
  • customizable CD-ROM

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$89.95 Non-member

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

Pack of 100

Product #R1010

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$40 Non-member


Pack of 250

Product #R1011

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Dysphagia Diet Solutions

Product #M1010BD

Nutrition and dining for dysphagia! Includes National Dysphagia Diet descriptions, consistency explanations, information on special products for altered textures and liquids! * Ideas and tips - information on dysphagia, thickened liquids, developing your own dysphagia recipes 
* 80+ kitchen tested recipes designed exclusively for dysphagia diets, with portions for 1, 5, 10, 15, 20
* Recipes include: meat/meat substitutes, sandwiches, breakfast items, starches, vegetables, salads, fruits,  desserts for levels 1,2,3 dysphagia diets
BONUS! Includes Food & Fluid Preparation for Dysphagia inservice on CD-Rom!

$75.95 Member

$95.95 Non-member


Fall Reduction and Injury Mitigation

Product #1000FALL

A Systematic Approach Balancing Residents’ Safety and Freedom

Ginger Norris, Shane Craycraft, and the OHCA’s Facility Standards Committee/Falls Work Group

This manual was developed with the input and involvement of many LTC professionals. It provides practical strategies that can be adopted to prevent or minimize falls, as well as interventions that can be used to reduce injuries if and when a fall occurs. The manual contains a comprehensive falls management process plus valuable information on restraint and medication factors, resident assessment protocols, and detailed interventions. A number of sample policies, assessment forms, and post-fall investigation forms are also included. This great resource will help position your facility to comply with the new F323 Accidents & Supervision guidance released in 2007.

AHCA and the Ohio Health Care Association, 2007, 71 pages

Free to Members

$24.95 Non-member


HIPAA Security Rule: A Long Term Care Manual

Product #6787

An excellent overview of the Security Rule’s requirements in terms that all providers can understand, a common sense way to approach the Rule, numerous resources that can be used by providers in achieving compliance, and much more!

$110.00 Member

$140.00 Non-member


LifeBio Memory Journal

Product #1000LB

Help your residents tell their stories...

We live in a fast-paced world.  Time seems to just slip away.  When we have the opportunity to visit with our close family or friends we long for meaningful conversation.  The people we love have important things to tell us about their beliefs, values, and life events. The LifeBio Memory Journal is a compilation of questions covering four major topics: the people who shaped you, memories, the real world, and bringing it all together.  By answering these 200+ carefully-crafted questions a very interesting and extraordinary story will unfold.

Written by Lisbeth "Beth" Sanders of Marysville, Ohio

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$29.95 Non-member


Nursing Facility Laws & Rules

Product # M1005

Containing the most up-to-date licensure statutes and rules, this manual contains important information on the current staffing requirement and space requirements. Also included are qualifications of health personnel including Activity Professionals and Social Services plus restraint information, mealtime guidelines and general building and sanitation requirements. Provided on three-hole punch paper, binder is not included.

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Ohio Living Will Declaration

Pack of 100

Product #R1008

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Pack of 250

Product #R1009

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Policy & Procedure Manual: Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Health Care

Product # M1040BD

Includes a customizable CD-Rom! Excellent for nursing homes or hospitals. A great time saver, includes step by step guidelines to ensure that regulatory, nutritional, dietary needs are met for optimal health of individuals in your care. This best selling manual covers a wide range of topics including:

* Menus and Special Diets
* Meal Service
* Food Production & Food Safety
* Sanitation & Infection Control
* Cleaning Instructions
* Safety
* Personnel/Training
* Clinical Documentation
* Anthropometrics
* Alternative Nutrition Interventions
* Quality Assurance Improvement
* Disaster Planning
* References & Resources

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$215.95 Non-member


Resident's Bill of Rights

Required copies of state and federal rights for residents, sponsors and staff members.

Regular (5 ½ x 8) or large print (8 ½ x 11) available.


Pack of 50 (regular print)

Product #R1000

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$30.00 Non-member


Pack of 100 (regular print)

Product #R1001

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$55.00 Non-member


Pack of 500 (regular print)

Product #R1002

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Pack of 50 (large print)

Product #R1003

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Pack of 100 (large print)

Product #R1004

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$95.00 non-member


Pack of 500 (large print)

Product #R1005

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Resident's Bill of Rights (Spanish)

Pack of 12


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$18.00 Non-member


Pack of 24


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Pack of 120


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Residential Care Facility Laws & Rules

Product # M1006

Containing the most up-to-date licensure statutes and rules, this manual contains important information on the provision of services to specialized populations, including disclosure requirements, and additional staff training requirements. There are significant changes to dietary services and specialized diets as well as updates regarding TB testing for residents and staff.  Provided on three-hole punch paper, binder is not included.

$10.00 Member

$13.00 Non-member


Residential Care Facility Licensure & Survey Manual

Product # RCF2011

Created for the benefit of Ohio's assisted living and residential care facility providers, this manual is designed to provide a quick reference for use by facility administrators and executive directors, supervisors and direct care staff in their daily efforts to comply with Ohio regulations overseeing the care provided to assisted living residents.

Contents include:

  • Ohio’s Residential Care Facility Licensure rules, broken down by survey tag with a listing of additional resources that may be useful to providers in complying with the regulations
  • Appendix includes White Papers and other resources

Updates to this manual will be made available when substantial changes are made in the underlying laws or regulations reflected in the material, or when additional White Papers or other resources are accessible.

Information contained in this manual was developed from Ohio Administrative Code, Ohio Reised Code and the Ohio Centers for Assisted Living and Ohio Health Care Association

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$99.95 Non-member



You Have the Right

A consumer’s brochure discussing advance directives. Meets state and federal requirements for providing this information.


Pack of 100

Product #R1006

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$40.00 Non-member


Pack of 250

Product #R1007

$60.00 Member

$85.00 Non-member