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Providing services for the ID/DD population is an important component of the long-term care continuum in Ohio. With rapidly changing advances, ID/DD services and supports have captured the interest of lawmakers, advocacy groups, and the media. To convey the message of ID/DD providers and to advocate fully and forcefully, the Ohio Health Care Association has knowledgeable staff and a dedicated Board providing services to the ID/DD community. 

OHCA has been an outspoken leader in the development and continued availability of long-term care service providers in Ohio. OHCA ID/DD is a natural outgrowth of those early efforts, combining the strength of OHCA's solid reputation, experienced staff, and government relations expertise with a focus on the continued support of Ohio’s Developmental Disabilities system. 

OHCA objectives for our ID/DD members are twofold. First, the organization strives to ensure that all of Ohio's ID/DD residents have access to quality services and the ability to choose the setting in which they receive those services. Second and equally important, the organization strives to create an environment that affords ID/DD providers ready access to available resources, high-quality education, and growth opportunities. 

OHCA ID/DD members believe that consumer preferences and internal quality improvement programs are the best service and provider regulators. That government rules and regulations should not stifle individual initiative. OHCA ID/DD continues to work toward a meaningful yet unobtrusive regulatory environment that serves providers and their clients while affording their families and loved one's piece of mind. At the OHCA, we strive to provide leadership, governmental support, and continuous professional education so our ID/DD members can grow and achieve the highest quality and value for the individuals they serve.

OHCA believes that strong advocacy efforts at both the state and federal levels are critical to achieving our objectives for our ID/DD providers.  While OHCA leads those efforts here in Ohio, we often partner with national organizations for enhanced access to federal lawmakers and administrative agencies.  As 100% state association members with  ANCOR and the American Health Care Association (AHCA), all OHCA ID/DD provider members automatically receive full ANCOR membership and all OHCA ICF/IID members receive membership with AHCA.

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