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When is my Renewal Due?

  • CEAL® Renewals are due January 15 or July 15 annually.

  • Refer to your initial approval email or certificate for your renewal year

  • Failure to renew prior to the date of expiration invokes a $50 per calendar quarter late penalty, up to a maximum of 4 quarters or $200.

  • Failure to renew for an entire year will require the individual to attend the CEAL® education course and retake the NAB exams.

How Do I renew?

  • Download the form above and complete

  • Mail with required attachments to: OHCA, PO Box 447, Lewis Center, Ohio  43035 OR

  • Scan and email to Debbie Jamieson, OR

  • FAX to 614-436-0939

Things to Remember:

  • 15 hours of assisted living focused continuing education credit are required annually to renewal your CEAL®.

  • You can accumulate hours from the date you received your CEAL® until your renewal date.

  • There is no limit on the number of self-study courses you can use for your renewal.

  • CEs earned at the CEAL® course itself cannot be used toward your renewal.

  • You will be required to submit copies of your certificates

  • You may use courses from 90 days prior to your recertification provided they were not included on previous renewals.

What is assisted living focused education?

  • Specific to assisted living

  • NOT specific skilled nursing facility topics such as MDS, reimbursement, SNF survey, services performed only in skilled settings, etc.

  • If you have a question about a course, email the agenda or course brochure to Kathy Chapman, Education Director ( for verification.