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The OHCA "Home Care and Hospice Hot Topics" conference calls are generally held on the second Wednesday of every month and are complimentary to Association members. There is no need to register, and we encourage members to have as many individuals listen in as possible via speakerphone. This call is a benefit for members intended to serve as an update on the most important topics of the day. We understand and respect how valuable our members' time is, therefore these calls will be about an hour in length. Please let us know in advance if there are Hot Topics items you would like to have covered!

Next Scheduled Call: April 13, 2022

March 9, 2022

Call Recording

February 9, 2022

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Hot Topics

   CMS-QSO-21-08-NLTC Revised Rescinds HH&H Focused Infection Control Surveys and Inpatient Hospice Visitation Guidance

   CMS QSO-22-10-ALL Surveyor Vaccine Mandates

    AHCA/NCAL Guidance on Unvaccinated Staff

   CMS FAQ for Vaccination Mandate
CMS Survey Enforcement Guidance for Vaccine Mandate
       - Hospice Attachment
       - Home Health Attachment
       - OHCA Home Health Vaccine Mandate Toolkit
       - OHCA Hospice Vaccine Mnadate Toolkit

   HHS Guidance on Disabilities Rights for Health Care Providers 

   Update CDC Healthcare Personnel Return to Work Guidance

   OSHA Vaccine Mandate Withdrawal

   HRSA Pha-se 4/Rural Reconsiderations

   Telehealth Billing Updates for CY2022

   Telehealth Extension and Evaluation Act

   Renewal of the Public Health Emergency

Home Care Hot Topics

   Updated RCD Operational Guide and FAQs

   CMS Guidance on Misuse of NOA

   Palmetto GBA Claim Payment Issues Log (for NOA issues)

   Revised Job Aid for DDE NOA Submission and Electronic NOA Submission

   Quarterly OASIS Q&As January 2022

   Draft OASIS-E

   HHQRP Tip Sheet

Hospice Hot Topics

   CDC SNF Visitation Guidelines

   CMS SNF Visitation FAQs

 Hospice QRP Toolkit

   Hospice Aggregate Cap Reporting

January 12, 2022

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

Ohio Chart on HB 169 Provider Relief Funding from State's Plan
   CMS Survey Enforcement Guidance for Vaccine Mandate
       - Hospice Attachment
       - Home Health Attachment
       - OHCA Home Health Vaccine Mandate Toolkit
       - OHCA Hospice Vaccine Mnadate Toolkit

OSHA Withdraws Healthcare ETS; Vaccine Mandate ETS was in effect.  Now superceded by CMS for Medicare providers. 
      - OHCA OSHA Vaccine Mandate Toolkit

Provider Relief Fund       

   Revised CDC Return to Work Guidace for Conventional Staffing and Staffing Shortages

   Revise CDC Isolation and Quarantine Guidance for General Population and Healthcare Personnel
   Medicare Sequestration Relief Legislation

Updated FDA COVID Booster Recommendations

OSHA 300 Log Deadline March 2

   House Bill 122 (Telehealth)

   VA Rate Update for 2022

   Ohio Medicaid EDI Payment Calendar for 2022

   ODH Memo on Oral COVID-19 Treatments

   ODH Statewide COVID-19 Dashboard

Hospice Topics

Updated Nursing Home Visitation Guidance and FAQs

   Hospice QRP Deadline: CY2021 CAHPS Hospice Survey Data Collection and Reporting Requirements   
   January 1 SNF Room and Board Rates  

ODH COVID-19 Dashboard for Long Term Care

   Electronic Monitoring Legislation (SB 58)

   Hospice VBID Contacts for Ohio       
  • Aetna Medicare Premier HMO/POS (Many counties throughout Ohio)
  • Humana Cleveland Clinic Preferred HMO (Northeast Ohio)

Home Care Topics

   Home Health Notice of Admission
       - Palmetto GBA Slides       -
  • Billing the Home Health Notice of Admission Job Aid
  • Request for Anticipated Payment vs. Notice of Admission Comparison Chart
  • Medicare Learning Network Article MM12256.  This is particularly useful in the explanation of how transition patients (those who begin services prior to January 1, 2022 and continue after January 1, 2022) should be treated in 2022

Ohio Home Health Review Choice Demonstration Cycle 4 Transition Guidance

CMS Part B Therapy Fee Schedules for Ohio (Outpatient Home Health)
       - Courtesy of HW&Co.

   CDC Health Advisory on monoclonal antibody administration, CMS Billing Change January 1

December 8, 2021

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

   Vaccine Mandates
          - CMS Vaccine Mandate Rule
          - CMS Vaccine Mandate FAQs (Updated)
          - QSO-22-04-ALL  (CMS Stay on Vaccine Mandate Enforcement)
          - Louisiana Court Order with Preliminary Injunction on CMS Vaccine Mandate
          - Ohio House Bill 218 Anti Mandate Legislation
          - EEOC Technical Assistance Update 
          - EEOC Religious Exemption Form
          - CDC Vaccine Contraindications          

   OHCA Vaccine Mandate Toolkits for Home Health and Hospice

   OSHA Vaccine Mandate ETS Federal Stay

   ARP Rural Distributions
         - Payment Methodology
         - Public Dataset of Provider Distributions

   PRF Phase 4 Distribution Announcement
         - Returning Funds Fact Sheet
         - PRF Reporting Notice to Providers

   Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (Ends Employee Retention Tax Credit)

   OHCA Revised Ohio ARPA HCBS Plan Letter

   CDC Updated Guidance on Vaccinations (18 and older for Boosters)

   New CMS Place of Service Code for Telehealth at Home
         - Anthem Update
         - Aetna Update
         - UHC Update

Hospice Topics

 Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021 (Hospice Survey Enforcement)
         - Home Health Final Rule CY2022

   CMS SNF Visitation Guidance

   Hospice QRP Resources

Molina Hospice Billing Requirement January 1, 2022

   Aetna Hospice VBID Program Enhancements

Home Care Topics

  CMS Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule
          - Fact Sheet
          - Medicare CLaims Processing Manual Chapter 5

   OT LUPA Add-on Guidance

   New Home Health QRP Resources

   Molina PDGM FAQ and NOA Guidance Document

   ODH Memo on Monoclona Antibodies and Updated Guidelines

   Medicare Advantage In Home Support Services Report for 2022

   2021 AHHQI Home Health Chartbook

November 10, 2021

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

Vaccine Mandates
CMS Vaccine Mandate Rule
          - CMS Vaccine Mandate FAQs
          - CMS Vaccne Mandate Webinar Recording
          - EEOC Religious Exemptions Guidelines
          - OSHA Vaccine Mandate
          - OSHA Vaccine FAQs
          - OSHA Vaccine Mandate Webinar Recording
          - OSHA Healthcare Temporary Standard
          - OSHA Healthcare ETS Questions and Answers

   COVID Booster Shot Guidance

   Annual Managed Medicaid Open Enrollment

   ODH TNA to STNA Pathway

   Public Health Emergency Extension

   Home Health Final Rule CY2022 (includes Hospice Survey Enforcement Action changes)

   Build Back Better Act

Hospice Topics

CDC Infection Control Guidance for SNFs- Updated

   CMS QSO-22-01 (Hospice Survey Enforcement Action Changes)

   Hospice QRP Quick Reference Guide
Home Care Topics


   HCBS Rate Increases Effective November 1
   EVV Program Changes

   Review Choice Demonstration Cycle Four Selection Window

   Palmetto GBA RAP Exceptions: Checklist for TImely Filing Extension

   Home Health NOA Webinars from Palmetto GBA
November 18, 2021, at 2:00 p.m.

          - December 9, 2021, at 2:00 p.m.

   Quarterly OASIS Q&As

   OASIS Section GG Training Series

October 13, 2021

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

   CMS Press Release on Pending Vaccination Mandates 

   President Biden's Six-Prong Plan for Vaccine Mandates

   Provider Relief Fund Phase Four
              - Application Portal
              - Application Instructions
              - PDF Application form
              - Payment Methodologies details
   Provider Relief Fund Grace Period Reporting Announcement

   Ohio Head Start  Childcare Workforce Support Webinar recording

   CDC COVID Booster Shot Guidance

   ODH Booster Shot Guidance and FAQs

   ODH Guidance on Vaccine Coadministration

   NAHC Vaccination Provider Panel Discussion Slides and Recording

   Office for Civil Rights Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Workplace

   Anti-Vaccine Mandate Legislation (HB435)

   Abbott At Home Vaccination Expiration Extension Lot List

   Medicare Provider Enrollment Resumption

   Alzheimer's Task Force Findings

Hospice Topics

   FY2022 Hospice Medicare and Medicaid Base Rates

   CMS Hospice Final Rule and QRP Slides

   Hospice VBID Medicare Advantage Plan selections
               - CVS/Aetna Network Administrative Contact: Sara Rose Mollitor
               - Humana Network Administrative Contact: Kevin Curey

   Hospice Quality Reporting Program: Claims Based Measures
                - Quality Measures Specifications User's Manual
                - Updated Current Measures Docuement
                - Claims Based Measure Questions and Answers

   ODM Hospice Room and Board Billing Guidance for Managed Care

   Caresource Hospice Room and Board Guidance

   Updated QSO-20-38-NH, Nursing Home Testing Guidance

   Hospice Notice Of Transfer Job Aid

   Hospice PEPPER Retrieval Map

Home Care Topics

  CMS Notice Of Admission Claims Processing Instructions

   Palmetto GBA Notice of Admission Job Aid

OIG Home Health Agency Infection Control Audit Report

   NAHC Home Health Staffing Survey Results

September 8, 2021

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

   Provider Relief Fund Reporting FAQs
                 - HRSA Webinar Slides
                 - Lost Revenues Guide
                 - Allowable Personnel Expenses
                 - Reporting Resource Guide
 CDC Guidance on TB Tests and Vaccinations

   CDC Guidance on COVID-19 Third Dose Vaccinations for Immunocompromised People

   CDC Guidance on Vaccine while Pregnant or Breastfeeding

   FDA Approval of Pfizer Vaccine and ODH Guidance

   FDA Booster Shots Authorizations for Immunocompromised People

   HRSA COVID Coverage Assistance Fund

   HRSA COVID-19 Ininsured Fund

   Monoclonal Antibody COVID-19 Infusion Updates

   IRS Fact Sheet on Vaccination Tax Credit

   FDA Alert on Certain N95 Respirators

   OSHA Updated COVID-19 Workplace Guidance

   CMS Resumption of TPE Activity

   SBA Loan Forgiveness on PPP Loans

Hospice Topics

   Hospice QRP Data Submission Requirements and Key Dates

   Hospice Room and Board Standardization Guidance

   CMS VBID Model Participant Guidance

   BWC Air Quality Grant for Inpatient Hospice

   CMS Nursing Facility Visitation Guidance

Home Care Topics

   NAHC Flex for Checks Vaccination Reimbursement

   Ohio Medicaid Home Health and HCBS Waiver Rates November 1, 2021

   Home Health RAP Issue

   Top Home Health Denial Codes


August 11, 2021

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

 OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard
                    - Inspection Procedure Directives
                    - Updated Interim Enforcement Response
                    - OHCA OSHA Webianr Recording  and Slides

Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule for FY2022

    Public Health Emergency Extension
                    - CMS Waivers
                    - Appendix K Waivers

   CDC Updated Mask Guidance

   CDC Key Delata Variant Report

   ICD-10 Codes for 2022

   Ohio Plan for ARPA Funding

   Ohio Feedback Survey for HCBS ARPA Funding

   Better Care Better Jobs Act

   Anthem FEP Authorization Changes

Hospice Topics

 Hospice Final Payment Rule FY2022

CMS Cognitive Assessment Resources for Palliative Care Providers

   ODM SNF Room and Board Rates for July 1

   OHCA Hospice News Bites on Medicaid SNF Rates for July 1 and Payment Delays

   Expanding Access to Palliative Care Act (S. 2565)

   OHCA Slides on Responding to COVID Positive Residents in SNFs

Home Care Topics

   Quarterly OASIS Q&As

ODM EVV Updates

IHI Guidance on Reducing Hospitlizations for Home Health 

Caresource EVV Billing Guidance Changes

    Aetna Better Health Home Health Claims Error

July 14, 2021

Due to a technical issue, there is no recording for the July call

Home Care and Hospice Topics

Final version of the FY2022-2023 Ohio Budget Bill, HB110: Includes HCBS rate increases and final changes for home health licensing in Ohio
               - Governor's Veto Message

   CMS Payment Rates for At-Home Vaccination and Billing Instructions

   CMS Accelerated and Advanced Payment FAQs

   ODM Security Breach Memo

   ODM Medicaid Ventilator Rate Fact Sheet

   OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard on COVID-19 in Healthcare
                - Summary
                - Frequently Asked Questions
                - Flow Chart
                - Polsinelli LLP Legal Interpretation for Home Care and Hospice providers

   EEOC Vaccination Guidance FAQs

   Provider Relief Fund Reporting Deadline Extension
                - Updated FAQs
                - Reporting Portal
                - Data Entry Worksheet

   FDA Approval of Aduhelm, early-stage Alzheimer's treatment

   FDA Warning on unsafe COVID-19 Antigen and Antibody tests

   ODH Release on Vaccine-related cardiac issues

   Caresource Authorization Submission Change Notice

   Ohio Vistiation Order recission, testing orders remain intact

Hospice Topics

   HOPE Beta Test Recruitment

   Palmetto GBA GIP Post Payment Review Data

   Hospice Beneficiary Election Statement Addendum FAQs

   Full Scale Exercise Flexibility Extended for Inpatient Hospices (QSO-20-41-ALL)

   BWC Indoor Air Quality Program Extension to December 31, 2021

Home Care Topics

   Home Heatlh Proposed Payment Rule for CY2022  (includes Hospice Survey Enforcement Actions)
                   - Fact Sheet   

   CMS HHVBP Fourth Annual Report

   OIG Report on Improper LUPA Billing

June 9, 2021

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

   OHCA Hospice and Home Care Webinar Network

   OHCA Professional Achievement Awards Flyer and Poster   

   OHCA Convention Hotel Reservations

CMS State Medicaid Director's Letter on ARPA FMAP Increase

   The US Treasury Department State and Local Fiscal Recovery Program: Interim Final Rule and Guidance

   CDC Guidelines for PPE Requirements for Healthcare Personnell (Unchanged)

   Revised CDC Guidelines for Fully Vaccinated People (Non-healthcare settings)

   Ohio's Get The Shot Website for Vaccination

   CMS Interim Final Rule for COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements in LTC 

   CMS Resumes Medical Reviews for Claims Dates of Service After March 2020

   Palmetto GBA Claims Payment Issues Log

   FDA Pfizer Vaccine Authorization for 12-15 year olds

   FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit

CMS Technical Expert Panel Recruitment Notice

   Temporary Nursing License Extension (HB6)

   ODH Recission of Aggregate Test Result Reporting Requirement (line level still in effect)

   ODH Opens Vaccine Ordering for All Providers

   Ohio Public Health Orders Rescinded June 2 (Except for LTC)

   Caresource No Longer Accepts Emailed Authorzations July 2 (bulletin)

   EEOC Guidelines and Q&A for Implementing a Vaccine Requirement for Employees

   OIG Comment on COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

   OSHA Updated FAQ on Adverse Vaccine Reactions

   CONNECT Act of 2021
(S. 1512/H.R. 2903)

NIOSH/FDA Recommend Only Using N95s

Hospice Topics

CMS HOPE Beta Tool Recruitment

   May 2021 Hospice QRP Update and Forum Materials
                 - Public Reporting Background and Announcements
                 - HQRP Requirements Page
                 - Hospice COVID-19 Public Reporting Tip Sheet

   Ohio BWC Air Quality Assistance Program

Home Care Topics

   Revised Home Health Cost Report Form Instructions
   Home Care Providers Begin Receiving Appendix K Payments 

Home Health Notice of Admissions Instructions (MM12256)

   CGS Instructions for Appeal Requestions on Home Health Untimely RAP Submissions

   Palmetto GBA MayFest Session on RAPs, Handouts

May 12, 2021

Due to technical issues, there is no recording available

Home Care and Hospice Topics

Ohio House Substitute Subject Bill (HB110) 

   OHCA Testimony on Senate Budget Bill

   Palmetto GBA Website Launch Presentation 

   Updated CDC Guidelines for Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations in Response to COVID-19 Vaccination

   Updated CDC Domestive Travel Guidelines

   FDA Recommendation to Stop N95 Decontamination

   FDA Lifts Pause on Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

   Extension of the Public Health Emergency Through July 20

   OSHA Guidance on Reporting Adverse Effects to COVID Vaccine

   ODH to Begin CLIA Certificate of Waiver Surveys
                  - QSO-21-10-CLIA
                  - CLIA SARS CoV-2 Pre-Survey Form
                  - State of Ohio COVID-19 Laboratory Testing Portal

    Updated ODH Vaccination Guidance
                  - Guidance on Vaccine Wastage
                  - COVID-19 Vaccine Second Doses

    OHCA Comments on HCBS Access Act

     ODH CY2020 Q2 Survey Report

     Revised Ohio Testing Orders for Congregate Facilities

     Ohio Homebound Vaccination Playbook

     HRSA Coverage Assistance Fund (CAF) for Undersinsured COVID Vaccinations
                   - Fact Sheet
                   - Portal

Hospice Topics

Hospice Quality Reporting Program Quarterly Update (January through March 2021)
                 - HIS Manual V3.00
                 - HIS Admission
                 - HIS Discharge

   Hospice Non-Cancer Length of Stay Rates

   Caresource Hospice Claims Requirement

   CMS Encourages Hospice to Submit NOE through EDI

    Molina Requires CMS1500 form for Hospice Room and Board June 1

Home Care Topics

   Ohio Office of Budget and Management Coronavirus Relief Fund Monitoring Notice

   House Bill 179 (Home Health Licensing)

   Palmetto GBA Tool: Ohio HHAs Transitioning to RCD Cycle 3

   CMS Increases Payment for mAbs Administration

   Caresource Home Health and Private Duty Claims Requirement

    ODM Seeks Recommendations to Improve EVV

FDA Revocation of the Single Use Bamlanivimab treatment 

   HEAT Act (Home Health Telehealth Reimbursement- Pending Federal Legislation)

April 14, 2021

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

EFOHCA Annual Scholarship Program

   American Rescue Plan Act

   American Jobs Plan Fact Sheet

   ODH Updated Guidance for Vaccination of Phase 1A Populations

   Ohio Mass and Regional Vaccination Sites

    Ohio Consolidated COVID-19 Order

   Ohio Senate Bill 22

   CDC Guidelines "When you have been fully vaccinated"

   CDC Updated Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations in Response to COVID-19 Vaccine

   Updated CDC Travel Guidelines, domestic and international

   Provider Relief Fund FAQ (spending deadline June 30, 2021)

   CMS Update Vaccine Medicare Rates ($37.98 in Ohio)

   OSHA Interim Enforcement Response Plan

   Joint Comission Resumes On Site Surveys

   Palmetto GBA Hospice Billing Workshop, May 11

   Palmetto GBA Home Health Billing Workshop May 12

   CMS Telehealth: What Providers Need to Know

   Updated CMS Emergency Preparedness Guidelines (CMS QSO-21-15-ALL)

   ODM Managed Care Reprocurement Announcement

Hospice Topics

   Hospice Proposed Rule FY2022 Released

OHCA Testimony on HB 120 (Compassionate Care)

   CMS Revised Guidance on Nursing Home Visitation (CMS QSO-20-39-NH) and infographic

   Hospice and Palliative Nurse Association Partners with OHCA on Certification Programs

   Molina Hospice HCIC and Vent Claim Billing Instructions

   Molina Hospice Room and Board Authorizatino Requirement April 1

   FEMA Funeral Cost Assistance

   Updated Hospice VBID Model FAQ

   Hospice PEPPER 10th Edition User's Guide (Release April 5, 2021)

   Hospice Fundamentals Spring Compliance Workshop (May 19-May 21)

   CGS Hospice Documentatino Tools

Home Care Topics

  CMS Home Health RAP and Final Submission

  CGS LUPA Threshold Calculator

  Palmetto GBA RAP Submission Job Aid

  ABHO Claims Error

  CMS LUPA Claims Payment Correction

  CMS Updated Home Infusion Therapy (HIT) Billing Requirements

   Ohio Review Choice Demonstration Transition to Cycle 3

March 10, 2021

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

   Draft of the Ohio Executive Budget

   OHCA Testimony on Executive Budget for HCBS Providers

   Medicare Advanced and Accelerated Repayments  and FAQs, Palmetto GBA Instructions

   IRS Notice on the Extension and Expansion of the Employee Retention Credit

   NAHC/OHCA Letter to Congress on Minimum Wage Increase

CDC Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of MRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Currently Authorized in the United States

   CDC Vaccinating Homebound Persons with the COVID-19 Vaccine

ODH Get the Shot

   Vaccine Promo wit
h Larry Nance

   ODM Provider Network Module Memo
PNM & Centralized Credentialing

-Fiscal Intermediary

   CMS MSP Billing Article

   CMS COVID-19 Vaccine Codes

   Medicare Billing for COVID-19 Vaccine Shot Administration Toolkit

   Updated CMS FAQs on Medicare FFS Billing to Administer Vaccines

   Livanta MOA Notice Reminder

   Johnson and Johnson EUA and Fact Sheet

   Ohio Nurse Aide Registry Search

Hospice Topics
   HIS Manual V3.00, Admissions document and Discharge documents

   Skilling COVID Patients on Hospice (National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization)

   ASCP on Hospice Patients and mAbs

   BWC Indoor Air Quality Assistance Program

   CMS County Positivity Rates

   Hospice Quality Reporting Program Claims Based Measures

Home Health Topics

House Bill 179 (Home Health Licensure)
OHCA Home Health Agency Referral List for mAbs

Palmetto GBA RAP and Final Claim Submission FAQ

   Palmetto GBA ADRS under RCD

ODM Offers EVV Small Stakeholder Groups

   ODM Home Choice Fact Sheet

   JAMA One Page Fact Sheet for mAbs

   HHA QRP Training for Section N, Medications

   HH SPADES Section J Training

   Medigold Home Health Prior Authorization Requirement

February 10, 2021

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

 EFOHCA Annual Scholarship Program

Governor's Budget Proposal Blue Book FY 2022-FY2023

   Investing in Ohio's Future: Healthy People

   Ohio Vaccine Provider Guidance

   Livanta Vast Notification Update

   HHS Provider Relief Fund Frequently Asked Questions

   HHS Provider Relief Fund Reporting Portal and FAQs

   Updated PPP Loan Forgiveness Application

   3M Mask and Repirator Fraud Notice

   HHS Prep Act Expanding Vaccinator Eligibility

   Medicare Billing for COVID-19 Vaccine Shot Administration

   VA Caregiver COVID Testing and Vaccination Program

    CMS QSO-21-08-NLTC

   Updated OSHA Penalties

Hospice Topics

   Hospice QRP Updates January 2021

   Molina Update to Routine Hospice Reimbursement Methodology

   ODM SNF Room and Board Rates January 1, 2021

Home Health Topics

    Updated Instructions for mAbs Administration, Shortening Administration Time

   Monoclonal Antibody Reimbursement Rates for Ohio

   CMS MLN MM11855 Updated Guidance on RAPs and Recertifications

   CGS HIT Provider Billing Resources

   CMS Approves Ohio Appendix K Extension

   Updated ODM Coronavirus Relief Fund Guidance

   ODM EVV Updates 

   Caresource Service Plan Visibility Changes

   Caresource Home Health Prior Authorization Requirement March 1

   Medigold Requires Home Health Prior Authorization March 1

   Anthem Ohio Retiree Quick Reference Guide

   CMS Cross Setting QRP Web-based Training

   CMS Section M Training

January 13, 2021

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

    CDC Guidance on TB Testing and COVID-19 Vaccination

    CDC Guidance for Anaphylaxis and COVID-19 Vaccination

    CDC Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of MRNA COVID-19 Vaccination

    CDC Guidance on Working After Vaccination

    HHS Guidance on Physician Orders for Vaccination

    Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine EUA

    Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine EUA 

    CMS Payment and HCPCS Codes for COVID-19 Vaccination

    AMDA Vaccine Education Slides

    Ohio Vaccine Provider Impact SIIS Webinar
   Ohio Vaccine Provider Frequently Asked Questions

   Ohio Vaccination Communications Toolkit

   Ohio Department of Health Vacination Dashboard

   Ohio Department of Health Quarterly Survey Reports

   Federal Consolidated Appropriation Act (Stimulus Package)

   Updated Provider Relief Fund Frequently Asked Questions

   HHS Provider Relief Fund Phae 3 Announcement

   VA Fee Schedule Rates for CY2021

    Updated Testing Guidelines for Assisted Living

    Palmetto GBA Influene and Pneumococcal Pneumonia Billing Instructions for Home Health and Hospice Providers

    OHCA Request for Home Health and Hospice Testing Supplies

    AHCA OSHA Resources
Hospice Topics

    Updated HCIC List

    Updated Testing Guidelines for SNFs

    Hospice QRP Quarterly Update

    CGS Hospice LOS Analysis Tip Sheet

Home Health Topics

    Updated ICD-10 Codes for COVID-19

    Updated NPI Requirement for Ohio Waiver Providers Effective February 1, 2021  and Directions

    CMS Therapy Caps for CY2021

    Updated HIT Billing Instructions

    Frequently Asked Questions for Transitioning Patients from HIT Services

    OMDA Monoclonal Antibodies Presentation     

    Molina Confirms No-Pay RAP

December 9, 2020

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

   CY2021 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule

   Updated CMS Provider Enrollment Application  Fee

   Medicaid Eligibility Procedure Letter 150

   Ohio Public Health Advisory System

   Updated CDC Quarantine Guidance

    NEW Care Compare Website

    ODH Registration Process for Vaccine Providers

    ODH Fact Sheet for Vaccine Providers

   CDC COVID Vaccination Guidance for Healthcare Professionals

   Provider Relief Fund FAQs

   HHS Point of Care Test Result Reporting Directive

   Ohio Revised Order on Mass Gatherings

   Medicare Premiums and Deductibles for CY2021

Hospice Topics

   Updated Manual Guidance for Hospice Election Statement Addendum, and related Article

Updated Anthem Hospice Reimbursement Policy

   House Bill 151 for HCICs

 Current HCIC List and BIlling Fact Sheet

   Hospice VBID Checklist

   Ohio Medicaid Hospice Telehealth Rule Filings
  • 5160-56-01 for hospice services: definitions was amended to include a “physician assistant” under the definition of an attending physician.  The physician assistant must meet the training, education, and other specifications of a licensed physician assistant in accordance with section 4730 of the Revised Code. PAs are prohibited from certifying or recertifying a terminal diagnosis. 
  • 5160-1-18, which includes coverage for hospice care as eligible rendering and billing providers of telehealth services.  
  • 5160-56-05 for hospice services: covered services was updated to include language that core and non-core hospice services may be provided through a of contracting services and telehealth services as necessary. 
Home Health Topics

Monoclonal Antibodies
   Ohio Medicaid Home Health Telehealth Rule Filings

  • 5160-12-05 (reimbursement for home health services). The place of service code 02 will be used to indicate a visit was completed using telehealth.
  • 5160-12-04 (home health and private duty nursing: visit policy). Language is added to include telehealth encounters as reimbursable home health or private duty nursing visits. 
  • 5160-12-08 (registered nurse assessment and registered nurse consultation services). The rule would add “advance practice nurse or physician's assistant in accordance with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, S.3548 (2020)” as a treating physician for development of the plan of care under Medicaid home health. This already is in place for Medicare home health services. ODM also proposed to allow use of telehealth to complete the registered nurse assessment.
  • 5160-1-40 Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). The amendment would remove the requirements for individual visit verification of the start and end time and for new providers to complete EVV training before receiving their Medicaid provider numbers.

Anthem Ohio Delegation Change for Medicare Advantage

   HHPPS CY2021 Outlier Rates

   CMS Hospitals without Walls

   ODM EVV Training Videos

November 11, 2020 

Call Recording

Home Care and Hospice Topics

CDC Vaccine Prioritization Recommendations

   Updated Provider Relief Fund FAQs

   CMS Advanced/Accelerated Payment Repayment Terms Amended

   CDC Amends Definition of Close Contact to Cumulative 15 Minutes in a Day

   ODM Telehealth Billing Guidelines for Dates of Service on or After 11/15/2020

Hospice Topics

Ohio SNF Testing Guidelines

   CAHPS Hospice Survey Exemption Request Due 12/31/2020

   Hospice Compare Refresh/Freeze  
he November 2020 Hospice Compare refresh covers Q1 2019 through Q4 2019 HIS data and Q1 2018 through Q4 2019 CAHPS Hospice Survey data.  This will be the last  update     Compare until 2022 due to the impact of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) exception of HQRP for the first two quarters of 2020.

Home Health Topics

   Home Health Final Payment Rule CY2021

   CMS No-Pay RAP Submission Instructions  Effective 1/1/2021

   Home Health Compare Refresh/Freeze  
The October 2020 refresh of home health data that appears on Compare includes a measure change reflecting finalized rule proposals, specifically a new skin integrity           measure reported for the first time and the previous pressure ulcer measure removed. As previously reported, CMS will not refresh data on Care Compare in 2021 due to the excepted quality reporting during the first       two calendar quarters of 2020.

   Home Infusion Therapy Enrollment (Part B) Instructions

October 14, 2020

Home Care and Hospice Topics
   Provider Relief Fund Phase Three Application instructions and reporting guidance
   Fifth Amended Director's Order on Nursing Home Visitation (October 8 2020)

   Director's Order for Testing Residents and Staff in Residential Care Facilities (August 2020)

   CLIA Waiver Application   Agencies who perform Abbott BiNaxNOW Testing must be CLIA waived

   Livanta e-lift portal for electronic documentation submission

   DOL Revises FFCRA Regulations to Clarify Paid Leave Rules in Wake of New York Federal Court’s Decision (Littler)

Hospice Topics

Update to Hospice Payment Rates, Hospice Cap, Hospice Wage Index and Hospice Pricer for FY 2021

   Hospice Nursing Shortage Survey Guidance QSO-21-01

   Hospices that Successfully Met QRP Requirements for FY2021

   VBID 2021 Hospice Benefit Contact Information

   Molina Hospice Room and Board Authorization Delay to April 1, 2021

Home Health Topics

 CMS No-Pay RAP Submission Instructions  Effective 1/1/2021

    New Codes for Therapist Assistants Providing Maintenance Programs in the Home Health Setting, Implementation Date October 5, 2020

September 9th, 2020

Call Recording (Passcode: rQ%Ap1)

Home Care and Hospice Topics

   Provider Relief Fund Deadline Extension to September 13, PortalFAQ and Reporting Requirements

 OHCA PRF Quick Reference Sheets
        - Home Health
        - Hospice 

   ODM Telehealth Rule Filing
      - Appendices

   Updated DOL FFCRA FAQs, addresses employee leave for remote learning situations

   CMS QRP COVID-19 Tip Sheets for Home Health and Hospice, details calculations for Compare refresh for providers which did not submit data.

   Ohio House Bill 606- COVID-19 Liability Legislation

   ODH/ODM/ODA Home Visit Screening Guide

   CHAP Summary of CDC Recommedations on Optimizing PPE

Home Health Topics

   Ohio Coronavirus Relief Fund Payment ListFAQs and Portal 

   Ohio Providers Transition to Cycle 2 of Review Choice Demonstration

   HHAs to Receive Abbott BinaxNOW Test Cards

Hospice Topics

   CMS FY2021 Hospice Final Payment Rule
     -CMS Hospice Model Election Statement Addendum
     -CMS Modified Model Election Statement

QSO-20-38-NH Survey Guidance Requiring Staff Testing in Nursing Homes, Includes Hospice Staff

   OHCA COVID-19 Testing Guide for Hospices

August 11th, 2020

Home Care and Hospice Topics

   Provider Relief Fund Deadline Extension, Portal, FAQ and Reporting Requirements

 OHCA PRF Quick Reference Sheets
        - Home Health
        - Hospice

   CMS Telehealth Expansion Announcement and Physician Fee Schedule Rule

   CMS Delays ABN Form Implmentation to January 1, 2021

   Littler FFCRA New York Ruling Article

   ODM Emergency Telehealth Rule Extended by Executive Order

   Medicare Cost Reporting Table

   Public Health Emergency Extension

   Updated CDC Guidance on Return to Work Criteria  and Cleaning and Disinfecting Households

 ODM Managed Care Provider Agreement Effective 7/1/2020, (requires a 48 hours turnaround time on RN Assessment and Consultation authorizations)

Hospice Topics

Hospice Final Payment Rule for CY 2021
     - Model Election Statement
     - Election Statement Addendum

     - NAHC Hospice Payment Rule Webinar Recording

   Hospice HCIC Billing Instructions

   ODM SNF Ventilator Program Fact Sheet

Home Health Topics

   Ohio Coronavirus Relief Fund Payment List, FAQs and Portal

Review Choice Demonstration Operational Guide

   CMS Guidance on FY2021 RAP Penalty

   Home Health QRP Tip Sheet

   Updated OASIS Q&A July 2020

In May of 2020, OHCA implemented weekly or biweekly update calls in response to COVID-19.  For information and resources on COVID-19, please see our dedicated webpage

April 8th, 2020

Home Care and Hospice Topics

  OHCA 2020 Annual Conference and Trade Show has been cancelled

OHCA Legal Assistance , limited time only

  OHCA COVID-19 Resource and Update Page

  CMS Waiver Flexibilities for Home Health and Hospice

March 11th, 2020

Home Care and Hospice Topics
   NAHC COVID Resources
Coronavirus COVID-19 Home Care and Hospice Checklist

   COVID-19 Home Care and Hospice Guidance Document

   Federal Emergeny Management Announcement of COVID Training

   CMS COVID-19 ICD 10 Coding

   CDC Guidance for Coronavirus Enforcement
    Caresource Provider Dispute Process

Hospice Topics
   Hospice Aggregate Cap Calculation Instructions


Home Health Topics

   Palmetto GBA Guidance on RCD UTN Placement
   CGS LUPA Threshold Calculator

   Palmetto GBA The Role of Therapy in HHPDGM

February 12th, 2020

Home Care and Hospice Topics
CMS COVID-19 guidance for hospices

CMS COVID-19 guidance for home health agencies

   CMS guidance about facemasks

   OHCA Professional Achievement Awards Nomination

   OHCA Annual Conference and Trade Show. registration opens February 24th 

   Livanta Case Status Weblink, in response to backlogs in appeal determinations

   CMS Letter to State Surveyors on Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) requesting heightened scrutiny on infection control

   OSHA Summary Information Reporting Requirement

   CMS VBID Request for Applications Medicare Advantage Carve-In of the Hospice Benefit.  (RFA applicable to Payers)
Hospice Topics

   Hospice Comprehesive Assessment, HOPE Tool, Alpha Testing Recruitment.  Due by Febaruary 21st, 2020  

Palmetto GBA Self Determined Hospice Cap Calculation Instructions, due March 2nd, 2020

   Hospice Coalition Question and Answers Ocotber 2019 Meeting

Home Care Topics

  iQIES Issues Log now available
  NAHC Hosting 6 Free PDGM Webinars

  January 2020 Quarterly Oasis Q&A

  Illinois RCD Round Two selection Information

  Palmetto GBA eRCD Portal Now Active

  ODM Directive to Increase Waiver Rates for MCOPs Effective January 1, 2020

January 8th, 2020

Recording of January 8 call

Home Care and Hospice Topics

  OHCA Professional Achievement Awards Nomination

  Ohio Department of Health Quality of Care Report CY2019 Quarter 2

  Ohio Department of Medicaid Revised Managed Care Complaint Process
        - OH Medicaid Managed Managed Care Provider Complaint Form   
        - Ohio Deparment of Medicaid Provider Complaint Form Guidance   
        - Please submit follow up requests to complaint submissions to

  Livanta (BFCC_QIO) Memorandum of Agreement

  IPRO (QIN-QIO) for Providers

  Medicare Beneficiary Identifier Must be used effective January 1st, 2020

  UHC Community Plan Bulletin on Therapy Evaluation Authorization Delay

  Department of Veteran's Affairs Community Care Network through Optum

  Anthem Post Pay Audit Medical Records Requests Move to Availity February 10th, 2020

Hospice Topics

  CMS Announces Dark Days, Delay to Notice of Election Processing

  CMS VBID Request for Applications Medicare Advantage Carve-In of the Hospice Benefit.  (RFA applicable to Payers)
  CMS CMMI Request for Applications Primary Care First Model, Due by January 20th, 2020

  Hospice Comprehesive Assessment, HOPE Tool, Alpha Testing Recruitment.  Due by Febaruary 21st, 2020
  Hospice Provider Preview Report Corrections Due by January 15th, 2020

  Ohio Department of Health Notice of Public Rules Hearing for Capter 3701-19, Hospice Care

Home Care Topics

  Udpated Manual Instructions for PDGM

  Review Choice Demonstration Changes for PDGM
       - JM HH Pre-Claim Review Submission Request Form
       - SOC/Early Period Checklist
       - Late Period Checklist

  Ohio Department of Medicaid EVV December Newsletter

  Ohio PASSPORT Waiver Rate Increase Proposed Rule

  Ohio Home Care Waiver Rate Increase Proposed Rule
  CMS Home Infusion Therapy Benefit Information

  Home Health Providers Must Register for iQIES by December 23rd, 2019

  Home Health Star Ratings Refresh April 2020, Suppression Request Due by January 20th, 2020

  CMS Direct Contracting Model Offers flexibility for participating providers and Home Health Agencies
       - Allows for NPs to follow for home care
       - Waiver of homebound status for certain diagnoses
       - Allows for concurrent care for beneficiaries under the Hospice benefit

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