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When is my Renewal Due?

  • CEHCH® Renewals are due January 15 or July 15 annually.
  • Refer to your initial approval email or certificate for your first renewal year and annual renewal date
  • Failure to renew before the expiration date invokes a $50 per calendar quarter late penalty, up to a maximum of 4 quarters or $200.
  • Failure to renew for an entire year will require the individual to attend the CEHCH® education course and retake the NAB exams.

How Do I renew?

  • Renewal form
  • Download the form above and complete
  • Mail with required attachments to OHCA, 9200 Worthington Road, Suite 110, Westerville, Ohio 43082 OR
  • Scan and email to OHCA, OR
  • FAX to 614-436-0939 

Things to Remember:

  • 15 hours of home care, hospice, or community-based care-focused continuing education credit are required annually to renew your CEHCH®.
  • You can accumulate hours from the date you received your CEHCH® until your renewal date.
  • There is no limit on the number of self-study courses you can use for your renewal.
  • CEs earned at the CEHCH® course cannot be used toward your renewal.
  • You will be required to submit copies of your certificates
  • Extra courses during your renewal period can be used towards the next renewal period. You may go back fifteen (15) months from your renewal date, provided you do not split any courses.

What is home & community-based care-focused education?

  • Specific to home care, hospice, or community-based care
  • If you have a question about a course, email the agenda or course brochure to Kathy Chapman, Education Director (, for verification.


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