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Group Experience Rating & Group Retrospective Rating

Two Opportunities for Member Savings!

The Ohio Health Care Association is pleased to offer long term care providers in Ohio two great programs to help improve workplace safety and save valuable dollars on workers' compensation premiums.

In 1991, OHCA was one of the first associations in Ohio to develop a program for Group Experience Rating, commonly known as a group rating. Group rating allows similar businesses to join together to achieve lower up-front premium rates than they could achieve individually. Since our inception, the OHCA Group Rating Program has saved our members more than $100 million. Our competitive fee structure, various tier options, and single focus on long term care make the OHCA Group Rating Program an ideal fit for all eligible skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, home care and hospice organizations as well as providers of services for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.    

In 2009, the Ohio BWC introduced a new group option for Ohio employers called Group Retrospective Rating, and once again OHCA led as one of only three sponsoring organizations in Ohio to offer a program for their members. Group Retrospective Rating, commonly known as group retro, allows employers to receive retrospective premium adjustments (also known as refunds) based upon the combined performance of a group. The program provides an excellent incentive for group members to control and reduces losses through effective workplace safety and claims management practices. Group retro is ideally suited for employers who are committed to safety and have a decent claims history, but either fall outside the more stringent group rating requirements or wish to earn greater refunds potentially. In the 11 years since this BWC program was established, OHCA's program has returned refunds every single year in excess of 40%. Our most recent performance reflects the 2016 program ended with refunds at 56.6%, the 2017 program currently has refunds at 42.3% with one remaining evaluation to come, and the 2018 program refunds currently stands at 36.2% with two evaluations remaining. In total, OHCA is proud that we have returned nearly $20 million in refunds to our participating members since program inception! For learn more, review Facts About Group Retro.

Each fall season, employers begin to review the financial opportunities that may be available to them through either a group rating or group retrospective rating program. To obtain a free, no-obligation quote for the 2020 OHCA Group Rating Program or Group Retrospective Rating Program, complete and return by fax this AC-3.

OHCA's Group Rating and Group Retrospective Rating Programs are administered by CompManagement Inc--a leading third-party administrator in the state of Ohio. To learn more about CompManagement, please visit

Safety Accountability —
An Important Component of Group Programs

Workplace safety continues to be an increasingly important component of all group programs, and sponsors are now being held to a higher level of accountability for helping members of their group programs prevent workplace accidents. Ohio BWC has outlined the safety service expectations for employers enrolled in a group rating or group retrospective rating program. While these expectations are greater today than ever before, OHCA and partner CompManagement, Inc. believes that we are better positioned than many sponsors to help our members, and the entire long-term care community, improve in the area of workplace safety. We invite you to preview the Group-Rating Safety Accountability Letter composed by the Ohio BWC and consider these services when choosing your next group rating or group retrospective rating partner.

Safety Grants —
LTC Facilities Encouraged to Apply

The Ohio BWC recently increased the funding for their safety intervention grant program from $5 million to $15 million. Also, employers are eligible for a 3-to-1 matching grant, up to a maximum of $40,000 for each eligibility cycle, and some of the safety interventions previously on the moratorium list have now been removed. Of specific note is the number of items removed from the moratorium that find common use within long term care facilities. Things like bathing systems, beds, ceiling lifts, vehicle lifts, and floor-based patient lifting devices, and patient ambulation devices, to name a few. Learn Why You Should Apply for Safety Intervention Safety Grants

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