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Build Your Schedule!

Session description, speakers and more are available now online.  Take advantage of this great opportunity to build your schedule.  All your selections will transfer to the app that you will use at the event.  Handouts will also be available on line closer to the date of the convention.

We recommend you select Session Grid and sort by Track.  You can also sort by speaker.

By Building Your Schedule using this link you will have all of the sessions you plan to attend in an easy to use place.

You will need the session #'s when you register to attend. 

It’s a great tool and we hope you use it!

However, we know that some people prefer printed documents to view the sessions click here for all session descriptions for your review.

 Please note:  The information contained in this document is subject to change. Information found on line in Build Your Schedule will have the most up to date an accurate information.