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Deliver Your Company’s Value Proposition at Key Convention Events!

The following sponsorships allow you to address Convention attendees and key Association leaders plus share a marketing video or other creative communications.

Welcome Reception Sponsorship - $5,000 SOLD

OHCA2022 officially kicks off with a Welcome Reception held Monday, May 16 from 4:30 – 6:30 pm at the Arnold Plaza/Discovery Café inside the Greater Convention Center. Take this opportunity to welcome Convention attendees as they enjoy an open bar with appetizers, reconnect with colleagues, and usher in the Midwest’s largest gathering of long term and post-acute care professionals!


Scholarship Ceremony and Opening Keynote Sponsorship - $7,500

This popular Tuesday morning Scholarship Ceremony with keynote address celebrates OHCA’s investment in our workforce with the awarding of more than $200,000 in educational scholarships to more than 65 member employees. Sponsor this popular event and show your company support for the incredible men and women who are committed to our profession through the advancement of their professional careers.

Annual Meeting Sponsorship - $3,500

The OHCA Annual Meeting is the place where members gather to hear Association updates and vote on the new OHCA Boards of Directors. Gain exposure to key leaders from member companies throughout the region with this affordable sponsorship.

Board of Directors Luncheon Sponsorship - $3,000

Interested in speaking directly to the OHCA Boards of Directors? Consider this sponsorship and join OHCA leaders for a nice, informal luncheon as they conduct a little business and elect their officers for the coming year.


President’s Dinner Sponsorship - $5,000

Sponsor the President's Dinner in 2022 and help OHCA usher in a new Board President.  This special, off-site dinner event will be you in direct contact with the OHCA President and Boards of Directors. Sponsorship also include 4 tickets to the President’s Dinner giving your team plenty of opportunity to mingle and build relationships.


Achieve Repetitive Exposures & Lasting Impressions with These Creative Sponsorships

The following sponsorships provide attendees with multiple exposure to your brand, often leaving a lasting impression that can last long after Convention.

BeHive Sponsorship - $2,000 per Hive; $7,500 all

Assisted Living Hive
Home Care & Hospice Hive
ID/DD Hive

Our assisted living, ID/DD, home care & hospice, and skilled nursing attendees each have a convenient and comfortable gathering place we like to call a BeHive. BeHives are great locations where like-minded, long term and post-acute care professionals can meet up with key speakers following a popular educational session, conduct committee meetings, or simply network with one another. Structured events will be posted in each of our 4 Hives which will be coordinated with the sponsor. Hives are a  great place to extend your booth presence, conduct demos or even provide short CEU presentations.


Guest Room Keys - $5,000

Put your advertising message in the hands of our hotel guests with this impactful sponsorship. It’s the best way to ensure our attendees start and end their day with your branded message! Includes 1,700 keys.

Convention Mobile App - $5,000

Be the exclusive sponsor of our Mobile App and share your brand and key messages with attendees every time they open the App. Sponsorship includes a Splash Screen advertisement which appears each time the App is launched along with a static banner on the main navigation Home Screen. A great sponsorship guaranteed to yield repeat exposures long after Convention when attendees reference handouts and notes.

Name Badge Lanyards - $2,000 SOLD

As the sponsor, you provide 3,200 bulldog clip lanyards with your company information which we will distribute on-site to all attendees. This is a very visual way to get your company noticed since every attendee is required to wear a name badge for all Convention event. This sponsorship will also feature a link to the sponsor website on our Mobile App and provides a great keepsake.

Stand Out with Brand Identify Graphics!

The following package sponsorships have been put together for your convenience. Details regarding dimensions along with technical assistance will be provided. Options for single graphics throughout the Columbus Convention Center and Hyatt & Hilton walkways can be found and ordered through our graphics portal.

Discovery Café Sponsorship $3,000 SOLD 

Gain incredible brand exposure with our Discovery Café Sponsorship. The Discovery Café, conveniently located between the A & B Meeting Rooms, is a great place attendees go to purchase morning coffee, grab a snack or lite lunch, do some work, and charge their phones. Sponsorship features one large 10’ x 10’ graphic above the café plus a wrap-around strip and front end-cap graphic on the two multi-seat work stations which feature charging ports. In addition, two lounge areas within the café will feature a coffee table graphic.

Registration Area Sponsorship $2,000 SOLD

OHCA2022 Registration will be conveniently located in the Convention Center Concourse and is the place attendees go to register on site, purchase tickets to special events, and ask questions. Sponsor will receive a large 12’ x 12’ graphic above the registration kiosk along with the ability to display marketing material.

Schedule at a Glance Sponsorship $2,500 SOLD

Attendees frequently gather at our large 8’ x 20’ graphic outlining the times and room locations of all our educational sessions and special event. Gain exclusive and repetitive visibility with this affordable sponsorship.


Node Wall Bench

The Convention Center Node Wall is strategically located across for the Cafe and between A Pod and B Pod Meeting rooms.  Sponsorsing either Node Wall Bench A or Bench B provides a large 6 ' x 18' full color graphic that will be highly visible to all Convention attendees.  This affordable sponsorship will drive traffic to your booth and ensure your value proposition is seen by everyone. 

Bench A $1,500 SOLD

Bench B $1,500


A & B Pod Meeting Room Reader Board Sponsorship

Welcome attendees to their educational session with this eye-catching and affordable graphic sponsorship. Choose from the first and second floors of the A & B Meeting Rooms to display your brand in a colorful graphic on the meeting room reader boards. Prices are listed below and include all session rooms in the specified area.

A Pod 1st Floor (12 session rooms) $2,000  SOLD

A Pod 2nd Floor (14 session rooms) $2,000

B Pod 1st Floor (9 session rooms) $1,500

B Pod 2nd Floor (13 session rooms) $2,000

Stairway & Escalator Sponsorships

A popular option year after year, choose from the following, high-traffic stairways or escalators to extend your presence outside the expo hall.

A Pod Stairway (also to Hilton)

  • Bottom run $1,500
  • Top run $1,500
  • Full staircase $2,500

A Pod Escalator $1,000

B Pod Stairway

  • Bottom run $1,500
  • Top run $1,500
  • Full staircase $2,500

B Pod Escalator $1,000

Double Stairway to Hyatt

  • Left side Bottom run $1,500
  • Left side Top run $1,500
  • Full left side staircase $2,500
  • Right side bottom run $1,500
  • Right side top run $1,500
  • Full right side staircase $2,500
  • Entire L & R staircases $4,000 SOLD
  • Large scale graphic running alongside staircases $3,000 SOLD

Double Escalator to Hyatt $1750

Single Stairway to Hyatt

  • Bottom run $1,500
  • Top run $1,500
  • Full staircase $2,500 SOLD




Freshen Up Restroom Sponsorship

A popular and affordable graphic sponsorship many conference use is to create, eye-catching decals in restrooms throughout the Convention Center. Sponsor receives a 6” x 18” graphic affixed to both ladies' and men’s restroom mirrors per the following locations. A great sponsorship for those creative companies who enjoy a play on words.

A Concourse Restrooms 24 decals $750 SOLD

A Pod Meeting Room Restrooms 22 decals $750 SOLD

B Concourse Restrooms 15 decals $500 SOLD

B Pod Meeting Room Restrooms 15 decals $500


Big Bar on 2 Pillar Sponsorships

The Big Bar on 2 at the Hyatt Regency remains the key, after-hours gathering place for OHCA2022 attendees. Extend your presence well into the evening by sponsoring one or more of the 13 pillars located in this space.  

Each Pillar $750

Options for single graphics throughout the Columbus Convention Center and Hyatt & Hilton walkways can be found and ordered through our
 graphics portal.

For more information, contact Diane Dietz at or 614-551-9798.