Elevating the Post-Acute and
Long Term Care Profession

April 2, 2021

New CDC Travel Guidelines. Both yesterday and today, in the COVID-19 Update and News Bites (other than Assisted Living News Bites), we shared information about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) guidelines for travel as they existed before today. Today, CDC changed the guidelines to provide more freedom for individuals who are fully vaccinated. CDC also split the previously combined guidance into separate documents for domestic and international travel.

In the domestic guidance, CDC eliminates the recommendations for testing and post-travel quarantine for fully vaccinated travelers, suggesting only masking, distancing, and hand hygiene while away and monitoring upon return. The more restrictive guidance remains in place for travelers who are not fully vaccinated. The international travel guidance for fully vaccinated people adds a recommendation for testing 3-5 days after return, but does not suggest either self-quarantine after traveling or testing before leaving the US unless the destination country requires it. CDC cautions that international travelers should wait until they are fully vaccinated and should investigate potential variants in the destination area. Importantly for OHCA members, CDC does not specify more stringent guidelines for fully vaccinated health care workers.