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Ohio Health Care Association
2018 Skilled Nursing Facility Professional Achievement Awards

LTC Awards


Ohio’s long-term care facilities employ over 80,000 professionals who care for more than 90,000 residents. These employees are the backbone of the LTC community, with facilities relying on dedicated teamwork and skills to provide quality care and compassion to patients and families. The Association’s Professional Achievement Awards are designed to honor those individuals who have excelled in providing outstanding care in a cooperative spirit of teamwork.

Statewide winners will be awarded in each of the following categories if qualifying nominees are submitted. Association members may nominate individuals based on their own knowledge of the candidates and facility-based selection criteria. Nominees must be approved by the administrator/manager or, in the case of an administrator/manager, the assistant administrator/manager or DON.

Judging Categories:

  • Caregiver of the Year (direct care staff)
  • Manager of the Year (DON or department head)
  • Support Service Professional of the Year (all support staff)
  • Administrator of the Year

Other Requirements:

  1. The nominee must have held a full-time position in the facility (based on the facility's definition of full-time) or worked a minimum of one year in the category for which they are being nominated in the past year.
  2. Each entry should include completed answers to the questions with no reference to the individual’s name, facility, or geographic location.
  3. There is a limit of one entry in each category from a single facility.
  4. Nominations that do not follow the required format, which are incomplete, or do not follow other requirements may be excluded from judging.
  5. Statewide award winners recognized in each category are not eligible to re-enter the competition for three years following their win.
  6. Online applications must be received offices by 5 p.m. February 16, 2018.

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