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Compliance & Regulations  

Deficiency Free Buttons

Product #DF1000

Celebrate this achievement!  Recognize your staff for their efforts and make sure your residents, their families and other visitors know you are deficiency free with these colorful 2 ¼” buttons. 

Buttons read “We’re Deficiency Free! An OHCA/OCAL/OCDD Member Facility" and provide a perfect way to let the public and others know you are proud of your facility and employees. With a washable surface and safety-pin attachment, the buttons may be worn at work or to generate interest in the community. Priced at just $25 per 50 buttons, you will want to order enough for everyone in your facility! Don’t forget to include your administrative, direct care, environmental services, nutritional services and clerical staff, as well as physicians and other visiting medical specialists and consultants.

$25.00 (Pack of 50 buttons) Member/Non-member



Nursing Facility Laws & Rules

Product # M1005

Every five years the Ohio Department of Health conducts a review of Ohio's nursing facility (SNF) licensure rules. During this process many issues impacting providers are addressed and regulations dealing with day-to-day operations, quality, workforce and environment are modified, deleted or added. As a service to our members the Ohio Health Care Association has compiled the "Ohio Nursing Home Licensure and Related Rules" and the "Ohio Nursing Home Licensure and Related Statutes" in a complete package for an easy to use reference. The Rules and Statutes can be downloaded at no cost by members by logging into under the Regulatory Resources tab with your username and password or they can be purchased in a 3-hole punched format that can be easily placed in a binder (binder not provided).

$15.00 Member

$20.00 Non-member


Residential Care Facility Laws & Rules

Product # M1006

Containing the most up-to-date licensure statutes and rules, this manual contains important information on the provision of services to specialized populations, including disclosure requirements, and additional staff training requirements. There are significant changes to dietary services and specialized diets as well as updates regarding TB testing for residents and staff.  Provided on three-hole punch paper, binder is not included.

$15.00 Member

$20.00 Non-member



Residential Care Facility Licensure & Survey Manual

Product # RCF2011

Created for the benefit of Ohio's assisted living and residential care facility providers, this manual is designed to provide a quick reference for use by facility administrators and executive directors, supervisors and direct care staff in their daily efforts to comply with Ohio regulations overseeing the care provided to assisted living residents.

Contents include:

  • Ohio’s Residential Care Facility Licensure rules, broken down by survey tag with a listing of additional resources that may be useful to providers in complying with the regulations
  • Appendix includes White Papers and other resources

Updates to this manual will be made available when substantial changes are made in the underlying laws or regulations reflected in the material, or when additional White Papers or other resources are accessible.

This manual can also be downloaded for free for members of OHCA/OCAL by logging into with your facility user name and password.

$69.95 Member

$99.95 Non-member