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Care Practices

A Way of Life 

Developing an Exemplary Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Program

Product #1001SG

This book takes the mystery out of translating concepts of dementia care into practice.  Based on the 20-year experience of the Alois Alzheimer Center, one of the nation's premier Alzheimer facilities, the book describes the how-to of developing cutting edge dementia care so that it is a win-win for facilities, staff, residents and their families.  The book explicates the critical ingredients of dementia care units and how to make them a reality.  More than a guidebook, the book helps the reader to engage the critical thinking process necessary to develop or to retool dementia care units to their own situations. 

Cincinnati Book Publishers, 2006, pb, 127 pages. Susan D. Gilster, Ph.D.

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Changing Culture, Changing Care

S.E.R.V.I.C.E. FIRST – Leadership in the Health Care Business

Product #1000SG

This book describes how to change the culture of a long term care facility, and at the same time refine your leadership skills.  The goal of this book is to make long term care more compassionate, effective, and successful through the leadership of the administrator.  S.E.R.V.I.C.E. refers to service, education, respect, vision, inclusion, communication and enrichment - each with its own chapter and examples.

Susan D. Gilster, Ph.D.

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Fall Reduction and Injury Mitigation

Product #1000FALL

A Systematic Approach Balancing Residents’ Safety and Freedom

Ginger Norris, Shane Craycraft, and the OHCA’s Facility Standards Committee/Falls Work Group

This manual was developed with the input and involvement of many LTC professionals. It provides practical strategies that can be adopted to prevent or minimize falls, as well as interventions that can be used to reduce injuries if and when a fall occurs. The manual contains a comprehensive falls management process plus valuable information on restraint and medication factors, resident assessment protocols, and detailed interventions. A number of sample policies, assessment forms, and post-fall investigation forms are also included. This great resource will help position your facility to comply with the new F323 Accidents & Supervision guidance released in 2007.

AHCA and the Ohio Health Care Association, 2007, 71 pages

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LifeBio Memory Journal

Product #1000LB

Help your residents tell their stories...

We live in a fast-paced world.  Time seems to just slip away.  When we have the opportunity to visit with our close family or friends we long for meaningful conversation.  The people we love have important things to tell us about their beliefs, values, and life events. The LifeBio Memory Journal is a compilation of questions covering four major topics: the people who shaped you, memories, the real world, and bringing it all together.  By answering these 200+ carefully-crafted questions a very interesting and extraordinary story will unfold.

Written by Lisbeth "Beth" Sanders of Marysville, Ohio

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